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We designed RESERVALO in a technology and business team, to give you the best tool that adds value to your business

RESERVALO is a tool that offers you data to make more and better decisions

What makes RESERVALO the most comprehensive tool on the market?

It is key to any digital strategy

If you are having a hard time innovating to offer your customers new experiences… RESERVALO is the solution!

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With RESERVALO you can integrate your digital systems for customer management, billing, or inventory.

Obtain data that contribute to the digital strategy of your business. And if you still don’t have a strategy, start with RESERVALO  the way to take your business to the new era of digital services designed for your client.

Optimize your customer database

All reminders and tips keep your customers coming back. Let RESERVALO do the work for you.

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With your excel you have a database. With RESERVALO you have an asset that generates value for your business.

Segment your customers, know their purchasing trends, consumption and most demanded services. Use RESERVALO as the bonding engine with your customers.

Turn data into assets

Without data, there are no good decisions.

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With RESERVALO you will have access to a range of tools that will allow you to obtain reports and data to make more focused decisions, in real-time and based on evidence.

A marketplace for your services

RESERVALO is the marketplace of services for any business that receives clients in its establishment.

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Promote your services and promotions in RESERVALO, send information to your clients and receive reservations for all your services. Make RESERVALO an effective and efficient promotion channel.

Manage one or more branches

If your headache is knowing the agenda of the day and future appointments in your business… RESERVALO is for you!

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With RESERVALO forget about the excel or printed book of appointments.

Control from your cell phone and anywhere, the appointments are requested, accepted, or rejected in one or several branches. Get data in real-time, launch promotions, or interact with your customers. Manage your resources and personnel according to the demands of appointments that only in RESERVALO you can meet easily and at the right time.

More control for you and your customers

Avoid duplicate reservations.

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RESERVALO has an intelligent algorithm that makes magic with the quotas, times, and demands of your clients.  So everyone has the opportunity to make their appointment at the time available to you, and according to your fixed or fragmented schedule.

Get customers beyond social networks

Use RESERVALO as an online reservation channel for all your services, 7/24 and without the limitations of a social network.

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t is likely that at this time someone is close to your business and requires your services. Use RESERVALO to be located in georeference, know your menu of services and make your appointment with a couple of clicks.

Make it easy and agile for your customers.

New features always!

At RESERVALO we never stop innovating. Receive new features that will make your business the favorite of your customers.

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COMING SOON! We are preparing new features. Get to know us, let’s talk and let us fascinate you with the potential of RESERVALO.

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